章程 Constitution

  • 第一章 总 则 (Chapter 1 PRELIMINARIES)

    第一条 名 称


    1. Name

    The name of the association shall be the TEO CHEW POIT IP HUAY KUAN, Singapore. (hereinafter called the Huay Kuan).

    第二条 宗 旨


    • 联络潮州各邑同乡,敦睦乡谊,并与其他社团会馆联系。
    • 致力会员团结及互助,办理公益慈善事业,弘扬传统美德,推广文教活动。

    2. Objects

    The objects of the Huay Kuan are:-

    • to cultivate friendship and fellowship amongst the members of each Teochew District, and to keep in contact with other societies and Huay Kuan.
    • to foster the spirit of mutual aid, cooperation and unite amongst the members; to carry out charitable works; to promote traditional virtues; and to popularize cultural and educational activities

    第三条 会 所


    3. Place of Business

    The Place of business of the Huay Kuan is situated at No.97 Tank Road, Singapore 238066.


    第四条 入会资格


    4. Eligibility:

    Any person of any of the eight Teochew Districts, who has attained the age of 21 years irrespective of occupation and sex, shall be eligible for membership.

    第五条 入会手续


    • 填具入会志愿书。。
    • 须有本会馆会员一人介绍。
    • 经揭示通告处一星期无人反对。
    • 在志愿书揭示于通告处之二星期内缴纳入会基金一百元, 此外,会员必须缴纳董事会议决之年费。

    5. Admission Procedure:

    An applicant to the Huay Kuan to be a member will be admitted provided:-

    第六条 反对入会


    6. Objection to Membership

    Any objection in writing made against an application for membership shall be considered by the Board who must be satisfied that the grounds of such objection are not valid before approving the application. Any applicant who has been rejected by the Board may re-apply for admission to the Huay Kuan after a lapse of six (6) months, provided he keeps to the procedure laid down in article 5.

    第七条 会员除名


    7. Expulsion and Resignation:

    Any member who scandalizes or slanders the good name of the Huay Kuan may, upon sufficient evidence being obtained by the Board, be expelled by a decision of two-thirds of the board members present at a Board Meeting held for the purpose. Any member so expelled or any member who resigns from membership of the Huay Kuan shall have no claim to any contribution in money or in kind made prior to such expulsion or resignation.

    第八条 义 务


    • (甲) 缴纳基金及特别捐。
    • (乙) 遵守本会馆章程及条规。
    • (丙) 担任本会馆委派之职务。

    8. Obligation:

    The obligations of a member are:-

    • a) to pay entrance fee and any special subscriptions or contributions.
    • b) to abide by the Huay Kuan’s Constitution, Rules and Regulations.
    • c) to assume any duties that may be assigned by the Huay Kuan.

    第九条 权 利


    • (甲) 对会馆兴革事宜有建议之权。
    • (乙) 有选举权及被选权。
    • (丙) 出席会员大会时有发言、建议及表决权。
    • (丁) 有请求会馆排解纠纷之权。
    • (戊) 凡会员有不遵守本会馆之章程、条规或议决案者,经董事会调查属实,可予以警告或停止其应享之权利。

    9. Privileges:

    The privileges of a member are:-

    • the right to propose on matters relating to the Huay Kuan’s development.
    • the right to elect and to be elected.
    • the right to speak, propose and resolve at General Meetings.
    • the right to seek the Huay Kuan’s mediation in his disputes with others.
    • any member who has failed to comply with the Constitution or Rules and Regulations or Resolutions of the Huay Kuan, may have his privileges terminated by the Board after the Board has made investigations as to the truth or falsity of any allegation against the member. The Board may alternatively warn the member of his non-compliance.

    第十条 组 织


    10. Organisation:

    The Huay Kuan is organised by Singapore citizens and permanent residents of the following Teochew Districts in Singapore:

    • Teo Ann
    • Theng Hai
    • Teo Yeo
    • Kit Yeo
    • Jiow Pheng
    • Pho Leng
    • Hui Lai
    • Nam Oa

    第十一条  会员大会


    11. General Meeting of Members:

    The General Meeting of Members, formed of all members, shall be the Huay Kuan's Supreme Body.

    第12条  董事会


    • 会长一人   副会长六人至十一人
    • 总务一人   副总务一人至二人
    • 财政一人   副财政一人至二人
    • 外事一人   副外事一人至四人
    • 遇必要时,由董事会通过设立其他小组委员会办理各种特别事宜。

    12. Board:

    The Board shall consist of fifty - two (52) members all of whom shall serve in an Honorary capacity. Among them shall be the following office-bearers to manage the Huay Kuan’s affairs and organisation:

    • 1 President and 6 - 11 Vice Presidents;
    • 1 Secretary and 1 - 2 Assistant Secretaries;
    • 1 Treasurer and 1 - 2 Assistant Treasurers;
    • 1 Local and International affairs Secretary and 1 - 4 Local and International Affairs Assistant Secretaries;
    • If necessary, the Board may form subcommittees to deal with any other or special matters.

    第13条  名誉职衔

    • 永远名誉会长
    • 名誉会长
    • 荣誉董事
    • 名誉董事

    13. Honorary Titles:

      Anyone who has served as Honorary President of the Huay Kuan and has rendered valuable services to the Huay Kuan may be invited to be a Lifetime Honorary President by the Committee.
      Anyone who has served as President or Vice President of the Huay Kuan and has rendered valuable services to the Huay Kuan or anyone from the Teochew Districts who has donated to the Huay Kuan a substantial sum of money as donations may be invited to be an Honorary President of the Huay Kuan by the Committee for one term of office.
      Anyone from the Teochew Districts who has sponsored the development of the Huay Kuan may be invited to be an Honorable Committee Member by the Committee.
      Any committee member or auditor who has served the Huay Kuan for more than ten years may be invited to be an Honorary Committee Member by the Committee.
    Lifetime Honorary President, Honorary President, Honorable Committee Member and Honorary Committee Member shall have no rights or privileges as given to a Committee Member of the Huay Kuan except the title which is purely honorary.

    第十四条  特别董事


    14. Special Committee Members:

    The Committee may invite any Organizations representing any of the eight (8) Teochew Districts to nominate a person to sit in the Committee as a special committee member for a period of two (2) years. At Committee Meetings, such special committee member shall have the right to speak but no right to vote on all matters.


    第十五条  会员大会


    • 修订章程。
    • 选举董事,信托人及查账员。
    • 通过本会馆每年会务报告及财政进支。
    • 决定本会馆会务活动。

    15. General Meeting:

    The General Meeting has the power to:-

    • amend the Constitution;
    • elect the committee members, trustees and auditors;
    • approve the annual reports and accounts of the Huay Kuan; and
    • decide on the activities of the Huay Kuan.

    第十六条 董事会


    • 执行会员大会议决案及办理经常会务。
    • 补选董事、补选职员、推选永远名誉会长、名誉会长、荣誉董事及名誉董事。
    • 筹募款项并管制此款项之开销。
    • 在不抵触章程之下,制定各项细则。
    • 筹备选举董事各项事宜。
    • 派员参加我国公益或有关潮人之各项事宜。

    16. Board Meeting:

    The Board Meeting has the power to:-

    • carry out the resolutions of the General Meeting and to manage the routine matters of the Huay Kuan;
    • elect members to fill up any vacancy as board members (if necessary) or as office bearers, and to elect the Lifetime Honorary Presidents, Honorary Presidents, Honorable Board Members and Honorary Board Members.
    • to raise funds and to control the expenditure of same;
    • to draw up rules and bye-laws and all details not inconsistent with Constitution relating to all matters of the Huay Kuan;
    • to prepare for the election of Board members;
    • to appoint representatives to any charities in the Republic or any matters relating to the Teochew people in Singapore.

    第十七条  会 长



    The duties of the President are:-

    • to manage the Huay Kuan’s affairs internally and to represent the Huay Kuan externally;
    • to sign all documents and cheques;
    • to keep all title deeds, contracts and other important documents and seals of the Huay Kuan;
    • to call meetings and to preside as Chairman at all Committee and General Meetings and to implement the Resolutions of the Huay Kuan.

    第十八条  副会长


    18. Vice President:

    They shall assist the President in the running of the Huay Kuan, and in the absence of the President or when the President is on leave, one of the Vice Presidents will be elected by and amongst the Vice Presidents themselves to act as President and in the event that all the Vice Presidents are on leave or absent, then the Committee shall by vote elect a committee member to act as President.

    第十九条 总 务


    • 秉承会长意见,依照董事会指示,执行本会馆一切会务。
    • 签署银行支票。

    19. Secretary:

    The duties of Secretary are:-

    • to implement all matters of the Huay Kuan under the direction of the President in accordance with the directions of the Committee.
    • to sign cheques.

    第二十条 财 政


    • 保管本会馆一切收支款项及银行支票。
    • 签署银行支票。
    • 向董事会呈报本会馆逐月进支,每年造列清册,交查账员查核,提交常年会员大会报告通过之。

    20. Treasurer:

    The duties of the Treasurer are:-

    • to keep and control all the funds, expenses, monies and cheques of the Huay Kuan;
    • to sign cheques;
    • to submit monthly reports on the Huay Kuan’s income and expenses to the Committee, and to balance the accounts annually for submission to the auditors for auditing and reporting to the Annual General Meeting.

    第二十一条 交 际


    21. Public Relations Secretary:

    The duties of the Public Relations Secretary are:- to promote public relations and friendship amongst the members.

    第二十二条 副总务、副财政及副交际


    22. Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer & Assistant Public Relations Secretary:

    These assistant secretaries will assist the secretary, treasurer and public relations secretary respectively and in their absence to act on their behalf.


    第二十三条 选举时期


    23. Election Date:

    The tenure of office of the committee members is two (2) years per term of office. Election of committee members shall be held at the Annual General Meeting once in every two (2) years in the month of February and the taking-over of office from the old Committee by the new Committee shall be in the month of March.

    第二十四条 选举方法

    • 由会员投票选出董事二十六位,除另有条文规定外,以得票最多者为当选,并以次多票为候补。
    • 义安公司正或副总理一人,中华总商会之潮籍正或副会长一人为当然董事,惟该二十六名票选董事中,每邑至少须有董事一名。
    • 另由筹备选举委员会于票选后就会员中增选七名为董事,倘(乙)项之当然董事一名或二名,已经在章程第二十四条(甲)项选中获选董事,则筹备选举委员会可照其空额继续增选董事,凑足董事三十五名。
    • 董事职员由董事互选之,选举董事须亲自出席投票,不得委派代表。
    • 董事如有辞职或出缺时,则由候补董事以次多票依序递补之。
    • 董事职员如有辞职或出缺时,由董事会另选其他董事递补之。  

    24. Method of Election:

    • Members shall by means of ballots elect 26 committee members. Subject to any provisions to the contrary, the first 26 members with the highest number of votes polled in their favour shall be elected to the Committee and other members not so elected shall be deemed to be reserved committee members;
    • The President or Vice President of Ngee Ann Kongsi, and the President or Vice President of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce who must be a Teochew shall be ex-officio committee members; amongst the 26 elected belong committee members, at least one must belong to each Teochew District.
    • The election sub-committee shall additionally elect seven (7) members to be committee members. However, if one or both of the aforesaid two (2) ex-officio committee members is/are already elected to the Committee under Article 24(a), then the election sub-committee shall be empowered to elect a further one or two members to fill in the vacancy/vacancies so created, making up the total number of committee members to thirty-five (35).
    • Office-bearers shall be elected by and amongst the committee members. Votes are to be cast personally by the committee members and no proxy can be appointed.
    • if any committee member should resign or vacate his office, the reserved committee member with the highest number of votes polled in his favour shall automatically become a committee member to fill up such vacancy;
    • if any office bearer should resign or vacate office, the vacancy created shall be filled up by the committee members electing a member to replace the vacancy.

    第二十五条 各邑董事

    • 依照章程第二十四条(甲)项选出之董事中,潮州各邑,至少须占有董事一名。
    • 倘八邑中任何一邑之会员,因票数不足,未能在(甲)项中获选,得选该邑会员中得票最多之一为董事;倘该邑会员全无被选,得由筹备选举委员会,就该邑之会员中,推选出一人为董事。

    25. District Representative:

    • Amongst the committee members elected under Article 24 (a), at least one shall be a person belonging to each Teochew District.
    • Should any member belonging to any of the eight (8) Teochew Districts fail to obtain sufficient votes to be elected as a committee member so as to comply with paragraph (a), then any member belonging to that District who has received the highest vote compared to other members of that District shall be deemed to be elected. Should no member of any District receive any vote at all, the election sub-committee shall elect a member of that District to be a committee member.

    第二十六条 任 期


    26. Tenure of Office:

    Office bearers and committee members shall hold office for a period of two (2) years per term of office and will be eligible for re-election except the President who shall not hold office for more than two consecutive terms of office and the Treasurer who shall not be re-elected on a consecutive basis.

    第二十七条 查 账


    27. Internal Auditors:

    At the Annual General Meeting at which elections are held, two (2) members will be elected as internal auditors for one term of office. The internal auditors shall not act or be elected as committee member in the Huay Kuan and shall not be eligible for re-election. The internal auditors shall be responsible to audit each year’s account for report to the Annual General Meeting. The internal auditors may be required by the President to audit at the Huay Kuan’s accounts for any period during their tenure of office at any time and to make a report to Committee.

    第二十八条 董 事


    28. Committee Member:

    The requirements of a committee member are that he must be of good character and has a proper occupation. No one shall be elected to the Committee if he is of unsound mind, or is an undischarged bankrupt, or is a person convicted of a criminal offence.

  • 第六章 会 议(CHAPTER 6 MEETINGS)

    第二十九条 常年会员大会


    29. Annual General Meeting:

    The Annual General Meeting shall be held once a year in or before February of each year. Not less the 14 days’ notice of such a meeting must be sent to all members entitled to such Notice and must be published within the Republic in any one of the Chinese Language Newspapers at least once.

    第三十条 特别会员大会


    30. Extraordinary General Meeting of Members:

    The President or the Committee may call on Extraordinary General Meeting of members if he or the Committee think it necessary; alternatively such a meeting shall be called on a requisition of not less than seven (7) committee members or thirty (30) members. Request must first be made by the requisitionists to the Committee giving reasons for the holding of such a meeting, but two (2) weeks’ notice must be given to all members eligible to attend and subject to notification being advertised in any one of the Chinese Language Newspapers in Singapore. Such a meeting shall not discuss matters not stated in the Agenda and it is required that all requisitionists must present themselves at such a meeting, otherwise such a meeting shall be cancelled forthwith.

    第三十一条 大会法定人数


    31. Quorum of General Meeting:

    The quorum for the Annual General Meeting and the Extraordinary General Meeting shall be not less than 100 members present at the commencement of the meeting. In the absence of a quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned for half an hour, thereafter irrespective of the number of members present, the meeting shall be proceeded with; however such a meeting shall have no power to amend, alter, add or in any way change the Constitution.

    第三十二条 董事会议


    32. Committee Meeting:

    A Committee Meeting shall be held at least once in every three (3) months. The quorum shall be 11 of the committee members present at the commencement of the meeting. Other than the President calling for the meeting through the Secretary, any 4 committee members may requisition for a Committee Meeting to be held subject to the requirement that all requisitionists must be personally present at the meeting to be held, otherwise such a meeting shall be cancelled forthwith. Notice of at least 24 hours must be given to committee members before a Committee Meeting can be held.

  • 第七章 财 政(CHAPTER 7 FINANCE)

    第三十三条 常年经费


    33. Annual Expenses:

    The annual expenses shall be paid out of the Huay Kuan’s funds. If there are not sufficient funds available, or if there are special requirements for funds, the Committee may decide to ask for special subscriptions from members.

    第三十四条 财政存根


    34. Cash with the Treasurer:

    The petty cash of the Huay Kuan shall be held in the custody of the Treasurer and shall not exceed $500.00. If the cash is in excess of the amount of $500.00, the Treasurer must deposit such excess amount with the Huay Kuan’s Bankers.

    第三十五条 费用


    35. Expenses:

    The Secretary may sign and authorize payment not exceeding $2,000.00; any expenditure between a sum of $2,001.00 and $5,000.00 must be authorized by the President, between $5,001.00 and $30,000.00 must be authorized by the Committee and in excess of $30,000.00 must be approved by a General Meeting of Members.

    第三十六条 银行支票


    36. Cheques:

    All cheques of the Huay Kuan shall be signed by any two of the following persons:-

    • the President;
    • the Secretary; and
    • the Treasurer; and also to be impressed with the stamp of the Huay Kuan.
  • 第八章 信托人(CHAPTER 8 TRUSTEES)

    第三十七条 信托人

    • 本会馆所置之不动产,由信托人管理之,惟信托人须签订受托书。信托人代管本会馆不动产,必须遵守董事会之决议案而执行。
    • 信托人不得超过五人,但不得少过二名。信托人由会员大会选任之。
    • 信托人如已逝世,或离开本国达一年以上,或不愿任职,或因行为不检被革职者,均须于会员大会另选他人亦承其缺。大会选举新信托人之议决案,须呈报社团注册官。
    • 本会馆不得图谋限制工商业或物价,或以任何其他方式加以干预,亦不得从事现在在新加坡施行之有关职工会法律下所规定之任何工会活动。

    37. Trustees:

    • All real properties of the Huay Kuan shall be vested in the Trustees subject to a declaration of Trust in accordance with the Resolutions passed by the Committee.
    • There shall not be more than 5 Trustees at any one time and shall not be less than 2 in number. The Trustees are to be elected at a General Meeting of Members.
    • Trustees must be of good character and have a proper occupation. Any person who is mentally sick or who is an undischarged bankrupt or who is a convicted criminal or has been deprived of his civics rights, shall not become a Trustee.
    • If a Trustee has passed away or leaves the Republic for more than a year or retires or refuses to accept office or appointment, or has been discharged for misconduct as a Trustee, a General Meeting shall elect a new Trustee in place of the said Trustee. The Resolution appointing the new Trustee shall be sent to the Registrar of Societies.

    第三十八条 禁例

    • 任何方式之赌博如玩牌九,打麻将等,不论有赌注与否,概不得在本会所内进行。至于赌具、毒品与不正当人物,亦在禁止之列。
    • 本会馆公款不得用于缴付任何会员受法庭处罚之款。
    • 本会馆不得用会馆名义,或董事会名义,或董事会职员或会员等名义开设彩票,无论是否仅限于会员购买,一概均在禁止之列。
    • 本会馆不得将公款或会所供作政治用途。
    • 本会馆不得图谋限制工商业或物价,或以任何其他方式加以干预,亦不得从事现在在新加坡施行之有关职工会法律下所规定之任何工会活动。

    38. Prohibition:

    • Gambling of all kinds such as pai-kow, mahjong, whether for stake or not are forbidden within the premises of the Huay Kuan. The introduction of materials for gambling or opium smoking and of bad characters into the premised is prohibited.
    • The funds of the Huay Kuan shall not be used to pay the fines of any member who is convicted in a Court of Law.
    • The Huay Kuan shall not hold any lottery either in the name of the Huay Kuan or the Committee or its office bearers or its members, whether such lottery is held only amongst members or not.
    • The Huay Kuan shall not allow its funds, offices or premises to be used for political purposes.
    • The Huay Kuan shall not attempt to restrict or in any other manner interfere with trade or prices or engage in any trade union activity as defined in any written law relating to trade unions for the time being in force in Singapore.

    第三十九条 解散

    • 本会馆如欲解散,须召开会员大会,由会员亲身出席或委托代表出席,须得到居住新加坡之会员,不少过五分之三人数表决赞同,方为有效。
    • 本会馆如依照上述(甲)项条文解散时,则本会馆一切合法债务须先全数付清,所有剩余财物,须由大会议决,送交本国潮州人士主持人之慈善或教育机关;剩余财物不得有会员均分之。
    • 解散后须于七日内具函向社团注册官报告。

    39. Dissolution:

    • The Huay Kuan shall not be dissolved, except with the consent of not less than three-fifths (3/5th) of the members of the Huay Kuan for the time being resident in Singapore. Such consent to be given either in person by the members or by proxy at a General Meeting convened for the purpose.
    • In the event of the Huay Kuan being dissolved in accordance with the aforesaid paragraph, all debts and liabilities legally incurred shall be fully discharged and any remaining funds shall be disposed at a General Meeting of members, amongst the various charities, educational organizations in Singapore organized or managed by the Teochew Community. No remaining funds shall be distributed to the members.
    • Notice of dissolution shall be given to the Registrar of Societies within seven (7) days of dissolution.


    • 纪念:本会馆成立于一九二九年九月四日,即以每年九月四日为本会馆成立纪念日。
    • 董事之丧事:本会馆现任董事,如不幸身故,得其家属报告,由本会馆发出通告予各董事前诣丧家探丧及执绋,并送奠致祭。
    • 章程之修改,本会馆章程经会员大会通过及经社团注册官批准后,即刻生效。一切修改增删,须经会员大会通过,并须先获得社团注册官批准后方可执行。


    • Commemoration: The Huay Kuan was established on the 4th day of September 1929. The Huay Kuan will thus commemorate the occasion of its founding every year on the 4th day of September.
    • Respect to Deceased Committee Member: In the event of the death of any committee member, and on notice being received from the deceased’s family, the Huay Kuan shall notify the committee members to attend the funeral of and pay the last respect to the deceased committee member and also to make offerings in his honour.
    • Amendments to Constitution: This Constitution shall be effective immediately after approval is given by a General Meeting of Members and by the Registrar of Societies. No alternations or additions to this Constitution shall be made except at a General Meeting of Members, and they shall not come into force without the prior approval of the Registrar of Societies.
  • 附 注
    • 本章程修正本于1998年3月15日由会员大会通过,1998年6月15日社团注册官批准。
    • 本章程之华文译本,如有遗漏或错误,概以英文本为准。